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Our Rodent Removal Services Include:

Wildlife Removal

Since laws vary from region to region, it is recommended to enlist the services of a licensed professional for safe and effective wildlife rodent proofing services.

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Rodent Removal and Rodent Control

Few things are as scary to the average home or business in the Orange County and San Diego area than discovering a furry friend or ten scurry out of the pantry late at night.

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Bird Control Services

Not every rodent has claws or a long tail. While the variety of wild birds we see here in Orange County and San Diego are a delight when they take to the skies, they can be an absolute nightmare when they take to your attic.

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Wildlife Exclusion Fences

Living in the Orange County and San Diego area has tons of benefits. The beautiful climate, stunning desert scenery, delicious food, and proximity to San Diego and Tijuana make this place an exciting place to live.

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Animal Cleanup and Restoration

Put your trust in the animal cleanup and restoration services of The Wildlife Specialist! Founded in 2012 and fully licensed, we’re the animal cleanup and restoration experts you can count on.

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Bat Removal

Bats are widely misunderstood by the general public but are one of the most beneficial animals to humans in the environment.

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Coyote Removal

Living in the Orange County and San Diego region has so many benefits: amazing scenery, beautiful weather, and a more humble lifestyle just a short drive away from some of the largest and most dynamic cities in America.

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Coyote Roller Guards

We are Southern California's leading coyote control expert. What we offer are comprehensive solutions to your precise problem. Our coyote roller guards are a safe, humane, and incredibly effective means to halt coyote movement and keep them off their property. They've helped countless businesses and homeowners protect themselves, and we're confident they can do the same for you.

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Snake Fencing

At The Wildlife Specialist, our specialty is snake-proof fencing. We develop comprehensive solutions that stop snakes from going past the perimeter of your property. With years of experience in the snake control industry, we've developed a strong reputation as a trustworthy, dependable service provider. Complete protection is what we deliver—peace of mind what we promise.

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