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Wildlife Exclusion Fences in San Diego and Orange County

Living in the San Diego and Orange County area has tons of benefits. The beautiful climate, stunning desert scenery, delicious food, and proximity to San Diego and Tijuana make this place an exciting place to live.

Unfortunately, all those benefits also mean something else too: hungry wildlife coming to check out the sights—hoping to set up camp in your backyard or in your business’s pantry. From coyotes to birds to rattlesnakes, there’s all sorts of wild animals that can encroach on your commercial or residential property. But just like in the realm of health, prevention is the best cure.

The Wildlife Specialist is San Diego County’s undisputed experts in setting up wildlife exclusion fences that are affordable, durable, and will keep unwanted critters off your property. Our animal exclusion services protect your building and property at large from pests that show up—and prevent them from coming back.

Residential Wildlife Exclusion Fencing

Your home is your most precious investment. It also ought to be a fortress against the elements. While those of us living in San Diego and Orange County love living in harmony with nature, there comes a time where it’s simply too close for comfort—and most of us would likely draw that line in the sand in our own homes!

If a hungry coyote or scary-looking snake is persistently bothering you on your property, or if a deer is stripping the foliage from your backyard, call The Wildlife Specialist. We’re the best provider of animal-proof fences for homeowners in the greater San Diego and Orange County area. Our exclusion fences keep you connected to the outdoors while preventing wildlife from getting in your property. Leave your precious pets in the backyard and let the kids spend some screen-free time outside without fear—The Wildlife Specialist’s here to keep your property protected!

Commercial Wildlife Exclusion Fences

Agricultural business owners know how devastating invading animals can be to a crop’s yield. Similarly, invading rodents, mice, or larger mammals can shutter your restaurant business in no time at all. Commercial property owners have even more to lose from wild animal incursions into your property.

These animals aren’t menaces, they’re just looking for food. But they need to be reminded that your property isn’t the place to find it—and that’s where The Wildlife Specialist’s animal exclusion fencing comes in.

Our sturdy and secure fences can be customized to keep out troublesome pests of all shapes and sizes. Growing soy or corn? We can keep out deer, frogs, or rabbits. Need to make sure your commercial meat packing facility is rodent-free? We’ve got wildlife exclusion fencing for that too.

Your Choice for Professional Wild Animal Control Services

The Wildlife Specialist is San Diego County’s top choice for professional wildlife animal control services. From wildlife exclusion fencing to bird and rodent removal, we’re licensed with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to tackle your toughest wild animal problems anywhere in San Diego and Orange County.

Pick up the phone and dial us at (760) 496-9166 for pricing and an estimate on our wildlife exclusion fencing for your property!

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