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Animal Exclusion Fencing

Even the most passionate of wildlife lovers need some security on their own property. The Wildlife Specialist is your source for a wide variety of dependable animal fencing options. Over the years, we have become experts on effective and durable wildlife management. We go the extra mile to test and develop all of our fencing options to make sure you feel secure with our installations.

What’s more, we provide our high-quality animal exclusion fencing at economical price points and with the utmost dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Wildlife Exclusion Fences

Living in the San Diego and Orange County area has tons of benefits. The beautiful climate, stunning desert scenery, delicious food, and proximity to San Diego and Tijuana make this place an exciting place to live.

The Wildlife Specialist is San Diego County’s undisputed experts in setting up wildlife exclusion fences that are affordable, durable, and will keep unwanted critters off your property. Our animal exclusion services protect your building and property at large from pests that show up—and prevent them from coming back.

Dependable Wildlife Protection

No matter what type of unwanted visitors you are getting on your property, we have fencing options that will work for you. We have developed and make use of state-of-the-art animal fencing for a variety of properties. We have what it takes to keep a wide range of animals off of your land, including:

  • Snakes
  • Coyotes
  • Deer
  • Rodents
  • Frogs
  • And more

If you have a persistent animal problem, put your trust in The Wildlife Specialist. Give us a call to find out if our service is right for you.

The Best Rates on Animal Fencing

Get a No-Obligation Quote

Not only do we provide the most dependable wildlife management solutions in the area, but we also do so at affordable rates. We are passionate about wildlife protection, which is why we go above and beyond to offer our high-quality animal fencing at fair and up-front prices. Keeping your property secure doesn't need to break the bank, thanks to the economical pricing from The Wildlife Specialist.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. We invite you to request a no-obligation quote from our crew. We’ll arrange for a licensed technician to meet you at your property and conduct an exhaustive site assessment to identify all its liabilities. We’ll present some of our products to you and showcase how and why they work. We’re confident you’ll be impressed by our extensive knowledge of wildlife behavior and biology. When we have a firm grasp of the ideal exclusion strategy for your property, we’ll present you with a no-obligation estimate for your consideration.

When you partner with our company, you don’t have to worry about finding your way through smoke and mirrors. Integrity is a core value of ours, and as such, you can expect risk-free, accurate, and transparent service quotes.

A Wildlife Management Company Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

At The Wildlife Specialist, we are not just in it for a paycheck. We get a genuine sense of gratification from helping our clients feel safe and secure on their own property. From the moment you contact us, it will be clear that we are a step above. Our attentive and friendly staff will address all of your questions and give you all the information you need on our high-quality fencing options. Ask any of our satisfied clients, and they will agree that we provide long-lasting wildlife protection with impressive customer service.

Superior Wildlife Fencing Options

Just because we offer our animal fencing at affordable rates, does not mean we cut corners with our service. Rather, we pride ourselves on always providing high-quality and sturdy wildlife protection. We believe that our integrity is unmatched, so you can always count on us to provide meticulous installations using the best materials. For us, no job is complete until your property lives up to our high standards of protection.

The performance of our fencing systems is just as important to us as their overall aesthetic. We believe that professional animal exclusion doesn’t have to look like a steel cage has wrapped itself around your home. We work hard to develop attractive designs that blend with your outdoor landscape and provide modern visual appeal.

Snake Fencing: Never Worry About Snakes Again

Here at The Wildlife Specialist, one of our specialties is our snake fencing service. We have developed a snake fence that outshines anything else on the market. Our high-quality animal fences go deep within the ground to keep out all snakes and other burrowing animals. Take back your sense of security on your property with our industry-leading wildlife fences.

The key to the effectiveness of our snake control fences is that each one is unique. When it comes to snake fencing, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and don’t let anybody tell you differently. When a customer inquires about a snake fence with us, we conduct a thorough property inspection before quoting the service’s cost. Based on our findings, our certified technicians will create a custom enclosure of ¼ inch mesh. We use this tiny gauge mesh to prevent even the smallest baby snakes from crawling through.

Our company utilizes high-quality materials that we can modify and adapt to fit any existing property barrier, including gates and drain blocks. We’ll ensure the entire perimeter of your property is sufficiently protected in height and depth from rattlesnakes. For maximum performance, season after season, we’ll use hardwearing screws to attach the mesh to the fences.

Coyote Roller Guards

One of our leading products is our signature coyote roller guard prevention system. These high-caliber, sturdy fencing devices are specially designed to prevent coyotes from gaining access to your property.

Coyotes have an impressive jumping ability and are known to clear fences over six feet tall. When it comes to keeping coyotes at bay, a tall perimeter fence simply won’t do. That’s where roller guards come in. These specialty tubes conveniently attach to all types of fences, from chain link to wrought iron fences. Once installed, the slightest amount of pressure will cause them to roll. If a coyote attempts to climb your fence, their paws will instantly lose traction on the rollers.

In fact, our coyote rollers boast a 98% success rate. They’re so effective at wildlife control that we’ve had clients report that even birds aren’t able to perch on them. Plus, the rollers’ hardwearing weather-resistance makes them virtually maintenance-free. With a one-time installation investment, you’ll get years of peace of mind in return.

By the way, our roller guards come in an array of attractive colors and finishes so that you can pick the style for a seamless addition to your existing fence’s aesthetic.

Residential Wildlife Exclusion Fencing

Your home is your most precious investment. It also ought to be a fortress against the elements. While those of us living in San Diego and Orange County love living in harmony with nature, there comes a time where it’s simply too close for comfort—and most of us would likely draw that line in the sand in our own homes!

If a hungry coyote or scary-looking snake is persistently bothering you on your property, or if a deer is stripping the foliage from your backyard, call The Wildlife Specialist. We’re the best provider of animal-proof fences for homeowners in the greater San Diego and Orange County areas. Our exclusion fences keep you connected to the outdoors while preventing wildlife from getting in your property. Leave your precious pets in the backyard and let the kids spend some screen-free time outside without fear—The Wildlife Specialist’s here to keep your property protected!

Commercial Wildlife Exclusion Fences

Agricultural business owners know how devastating invading animals can be to a crop’s yield. Similarly, invading rodents, mice, or larger mammals can shutter your restaurant business in no time at all. Commercial property owners have even more to lose from wild animal incursions into your property.

These animals aren’t menaces; they’re just looking for food. But they need to be reminded that your property isn’t the place to find it—and that’s where The Wildlife Specialist’s animal exclusion fencing comes in.

Our sturdy and secure fences can be customized to keep out troublesome pests of all shapes and sizes. Are you growing soy or corn? We can keep out deer, frogs, or rabbits. Need to make sure your commercial meatpacking facility is rodent-free? We’ve got wildlife exclusion fencing for that too.

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