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Not every pest has claws or a long tail. While the variety of wild birds we see here in San Diego and Orange County are a delight when they take to the skies, they can be an absolute nightmare when they take to your attic. Anyone who’s ever dealt with a pigeon infestation in their home or business knows how irritating and tough this problem can be.

Birds are wonderful animals. Reaching for the kill traps or poisons is a much less defensible option. But at the same time, you can’t afford to share space with these feathered friends in your home or business. When this happens to you, do what so many other people living in the San Diego and Orange County area already have—call The Wildlife Specialist, your bird control and prevention specialists.

Bird Proofing

Whether you’re dealing with a chattering of starlings, a charm of magpies, or a murder of crows, you’ll need to contact a bird proofing company quickly. Bird nesting behavior can be extremely hard to disrupt, especially when hatchlings are involved. But not every bird proofing company has the skills, training, and equipment required for bird nest prevention and controlling live populations of troublesome birds.

The Wildlife Specialist takes a no-kill approach to bird proofing in San Diego and Orange County. With specialty traps, years of bird-handling experience, and an animal control license from the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to prove it, we’re the top choice for home or business owners looking to get birds out of their homes and back into the wilderness where they belong.

Not only does The Wildlife Specialist safely and gently remove the birds and disrupt their nesting behavior, we’ll also perform a full audit of your property to see how the birds got inside in the first place. We’ll then perform necessary, non-invasive renovations, shoring up your home’s defenses against wildlife, installing bird control netting if required, and following up to ensure the birds we get rid of STAY gone.

Bird Control and Prevention in the San Diego and Orange County Area

If you’re looking for effective bird control, bird removal, and bird nesting prevention strategies that actually work, call The Wildlife Specialist. We’re the professional animal trappers Californians trust. By respecting the unique relationship between wildlife and humans, we maintain respect for the environment while also keeping your home free of wild animals.

Our professional wild animal control services, including bird proofing, go above and beyond to stop infestations, and safely remove wild animals with no harm done to you, your employees, family members, or the animals themselves.

Our non-invasive renovations prevent future bird access to your home and also deal with any damage the invading flock may have caused.

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For all things bird removal, call California’s wild animal removal experts—call The Wildlife Specialist today! Just dial (760) 496-9166 and one of our trained bird control experts will be at your home as soon they can.

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