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Coyote Removal and Exclusion in San Diego and Orange County

Living in the San Diego and Orange County region has so many benefits: amazing scenery, beautiful weather, and a more humble lifestyle just a short drive away from some of the largest and most dynamic cities in America. What isn’t quite as nice about living here is the close proximity to wildlife. And for residential and commercial property owners all across the greater San Diego and Orange County area, sometimes those encounters are a little too close for comfort.

Seeing a coyote once in a while is a part of life here. But if a pack of coyotes is regularly making incursions onto your commercial or residential property, you ought to take action. The Wildlife Specialist is a rodent and animal control expert specializing in wild animal control, exclusion, and removal. We’ll take the necessary steps to keep your property coyote-free so you can have peace of mind.

Are Coyotes Dangerous?

Coyotes rarely attack humans. In fact, they’re often quite scared of them. However, coyotes are opportunistic predators: they will prey on things they consider weak or non-threatening. Pets and small children may be at risk from coyote attacks. If a coyote or pack of coyotes are eating from your garbage, they may lose their fear of humans.

For commercial business owners, coyotes can be much more than an occasional nuisance. Farmers or anyone dealing with agriculture or livestock must take special precautions to prevent coyote attacks. A pack of coyotes can decimate a herd of cows or a flock of sheep.

However, these wild animals are just doing what instinct has taught them to. There’s no need to kill them out of fear. Instead, set up effective traps and exclusion measures with The Wildlife Specialist.

Animal Control Options for Coyotes

It’s unethical and unjustified to use lethal traps or poisons to remove coyotes from residential or commercial properties. The Wildlife Specialist employs a wide variety of effective and safe live traps that will remove coyote populations from your property. We also do a full inspection of your commercial or residential building’s perimeter to set up special exclusion fencing, identify points of access, and create barriers to discourage coyotes from exploring your property.

When access to their food source is cut off, the coyotes will move on, leaving you and your property alone.

Coyote Control Specialists

With years of experience dealing with wild animal problems both big and small across San Diego and Orange County, The Wildlife Specialist is your expert choice for humane wildlife removal and exclusion. Our coyote removal and exclusion services are effective, affordable, and deliver you peace of mind—and a wildlife-free property.

Our coyote removal prices are competitive with others in the area. Licensed with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to trap and exclude animals from homes across southern California, we combine eager attitudes and unbeatable experience to provide our commercial and residential clients peace of mind.

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