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Snake Fencing

At The Wildlife Specialist, our specialty is snake-proof fencing. We develop comprehensive solutions that stop snakes from going past the perimeter of your property. With years of experience in the snake control industry, we've developed a strong reputation as a trustworthy, dependable service provider. Complete protection is what we deliver—peace of mind what we promise.

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Personalized Consultations, Superior Snake Control Services

We like to prove our worth as a local wildlife specialist. Our in-depth consultation process helps us achieve that aim.

We want you to be able to experience the benefits of our services first-hand. Contact us, and we'll be happy to schedule a consultation with you. One of our representatives will come to your location, inspect the condition of your property, and determine the best course of action to snake-proof your home or business. They'll even bring along samples of our various snake protection products, giving you a taste of what we can do for you. It's just the first step in how we show our customers that we care—and that our services work.

In-Ground Snake Fencing

Tested, Trusted, and Proven to Work

At The Wildlife Specialist, we're proud to say that our fencing solutions are tried and tested to deliver real, tangible results to our customers.

The secret is in our snake fence construction. In many cases, snake fences are installed on just the surface of a property. While these may work to stop some snakes, they do not protect against all. When up against an obstruction, many snakes will attempt to burrow underground to find an opening and create a new nesting zone. Unfortunately, that fence just became merely half-effective.

By contrast, our fences are built deep into the soil: up to two feet below the surface of the earth. As a result, they provide more extensive coverage against all types of snakes, whether slithering above or burrowing below ground. Total protection is the result. With one of our fences, no snake will be able to sneak onto your property. We give them no quarter.

The Snake Prevention Specialist with a Record of Success

Honesty, integrity, and the highest caliber of workmanship are the fuel to our success. Since opening our doors, we've set ourselves apart based on our safe, effective, and humane wildlife removal services. We are committed to maintaining that legacy, and we have the record to prove it.

Over the last decade, our services have managed to achieve more than a 98% success rate. We offer some of the most effective animal control solutions on the market, and our snake fencing services are no exception. We combine years of experience and a precise understanding of snake biology and behavior, making us the foremost expert on preventing snake infestations. With us, you can expect no less than the best in the business.

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We're ready to get the snakes out of your yard fast and for good. Let's think long-term. Let's choose a comprehensive solution that works for you.

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